Claudia Lorusso
Claudia Lorusso
senior influencer marketing campaign manager

With more than ten years of experience in Social Media Marketing and Influencer Management, Claudia has a huge passion for all things digital and a keen interest in emerging technologies.

Starting her career in Italy, she moved to the UK after a few years and eventually settled in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. With extensive experience in both corporate and agency settings, she’s worked on a variety of clients spanning local brands and Fortune 500 companies. Her primary area of focus is building authentic connections at the intersections between brands and online communities through unique and compelling creative narratives and content.

As a Senior Influencer Campaign Manager at MediaMonks, Claudia brings a fresh perspective and an enthusiastic determination to help clients reach broader audiences by leveraging Influencer marketing as a key strategy.

In 2020 Claudia founded a new ongoing podcast series that interviews guests who, like her, are Italian expats living and working in The Netherlands. “Italiani in Olanda” investigates the Italian ambition to succeed in their personal, professional and often entrepreneurial ambitions abroad.