Pat McNulty
Pat McNulty
head of brand editorial

Pat McNulty is head of Brand Editorial at the UK’s leading homewares brand Dunelm. Pat has been working in digital content for almost two decades, starting in magazines where she led digital content for fashion and women's lifestyle brands such as Cosmopolitan, before moving into the retail space where she launched MADE.COM’s content platform, followed by a stint leading editorial for John Lewis before landing at Dunelm this year.

Pat is passionate about connecting audiences through content and building communities around brands both IRL and in the digital space. This led her to launch the Cosmo Blog Awards (now Cosmo Influencer Awards) in 2010. The awards built a network of content creators around the brand, bringing the heritage magazine firmly into the 21st century, making it relevant for a new generation of young women.

Her journalistic career has given her a deft eye for finding and telling the right stories, a concept that shaped MADE’s home tour and designer stories; taking a behind the scenes peek at how creative brains put together their interiors spaces; as well as MADE’s provenance series which subsequently became an ABL ad campaign.

Now leading social and editorial content at Dunelm, Pat has recently launched a new Brandzine and social content series featuring ‘Sleepscapes’, which seeks out exceptional places to bed down across the UK.