The Drum PR Awards is the global competition representing best practice, innovation and thinking behind the most successful PR executions. All winners and finalists are promoted globally via

Early bird deadline - 9 May 2019
Official deadline - 13 June 2019
Awards ceremony - 17 Sept 2019


For the past 8 years the Drum’s Social Buzz Awards have celebrated the very best in social media communications.

By rewarding effective social media campaigns and strategies, these awards give recognition to those who are using social media to communicate in exciting and innovative ways.

Open internationally to any individual, agency, company, brand or organisation, these awards are the perfect opportunity for you to prove that you are the best in your industry. 


What is The Drum?

The Drum is Europe’s largest marketing website with plans to rapidly become the largest Global website, with our 1.4m page views per month, we provide an extensive targeted audience for all our partners.  

The Drum has been around for almost 40 years, initially as a magazine and changing with the times to add, our hugely successful news site.  The past few years has seen The Drum rapidly grow to dominate the London market.  

25% of our online traffic at already comes from the USA market (we have up to 800,000 million unique visitors every month to the site)

We are constantly being approached to media partner major events and we work with Cannes, SXSW, DMexco, CES, New York Festivals, Advertising Week, Clio Awards, etc

Key dates

Your most important dates are: 

Entry Deadline - 7 September

Nominations announced – 24 October

Awards date – 28 November, Marriott Grosvenor Square, London 

Why Enter?


Picking up an award proves that all the hard work was worth it. It gives your team the energy to keep pushing boundaries and polishing the pixels for another year.


Client relationship

It's good to remind your clients why they work with you from time to time. Having the work you've done for them recognised by the industry is powerful stuff. Even more so if you bring them along to the awards night to pick up the trophy with you.



If your agency is picking up awards, It also picks up the interest of new talent. You can expect smart people to be knocking at your door to see if you have a desk for them.


New business 

Good clients who are after good work keep an eye out for the good agencies who are winning awards. A few extra trophies can give you a real advantage when you're hunting for new business.



There's no better way of getting publicity than for being excellent. The Drum covers the winners of the awards online and in print. With over 1 million unique visitors and over 200,000 social followers, that’s no small deal. And we recommend that you use an award win for further PR opportunities too. If you achieve something this special, you really should make a noise about it.


Knees up

Then, of course, there's the awards show. And our awards shows are legendary. They're a great opportunity to reward your staff, pamper your clients and let your hair down.

Who can enter?

Any individual, agency, company or business producing effective social media strategies and campaigns or using social media in an innovative and exciting way. 

The Awards are open internationally

How Do I Enter?

*Register and set up your account at (or sign in, if you already have one).

* Select your categories. Remembering that you can enter work into more than one.

* Prepare a report for each piece of work. This is a PDF with no more than 1500 words explaining the entry. This is how you sell your idea to the judges. You’ll fine links to the templates below.  

* Go to your online dashboard and click on 'add an entry'.

* Upload your report and submit a 100-word summary. This summary is what will appear live on the website if you are nominated. Tell people how it works and why it’s so good.

* Upload a URL, if that’s appropriate.

* Upload an image or a video that we can use to showcase your work at the awards event, should you be nominated.

* Check your entry meets the criteria

* Submit and pay. We recommend you submit everything at once 

* Check your confirmation email. You’ll receive a receipt within a few days after we’ve checked your entries.

* It’s judging time! Your work will be pored over by some super-smart people.

* Polish your party shoes and make sure you’ve got a ticket for the awards do.

Entry Rules

  • Entries must be received no later than the published deadline date. 
  • All submissions must be made online. 
  • Entries must have been live to market at some point between 1 September 2017  and 7 September 2018, entries do not have to be created within this timescale.
  • Do not include password protection or if essential, include passwords for judges to access.
  • All entries must be supplied and conform to the category rules/submission formats.
  • Work entered into more than one category must be treated as a completely separate entry.  Multiple entries can be made but separate payment must be made for each.  Please note: you will ONLY receive the 2nd entry rate if you enter all your submissions at the same time. Leave your entries in your basket until you are sure they are complete. Refunds will not be given.
  • The judging panel will only read and use the entries/reports for the purposes of the judging and are required to sign NDAs.
  • The judges reserve the right to re-allocate entries that in their view are entered in an incorrect category.   The judges also reserve the right to remove categories where entries do not meet the standard for nomination. These entries will not be refunded as they will have been judged accordingly.
  • The judges’ decision is final. 
  • Due to the number of entries received, the awards cannot give feedback on individual entries.
  • By entering these awards, you give the organisers the right to publish/exhibit screen grabs and/or submitted report. If you wish to upload a modified /less commercially sensitive version for publishing purposes, please do so on the entry upload form.
  • Entering physical work is at your own risk – entries will not be returned. Whilst every care will be taken in the storage of entries, the organisers will not accept responsibility for loss or damage of entries.
  • The organisers reserve the right to verify that all entries have been commercially produced for a commercial client where relevant.
  • All entries submitted must be legal. Any entries containing offensive material will be disqualified. Any entry that has a complaint upheld against it by the Advertising Standards Authority will be disqualified.

Writing Your Entry Report

Your full report should be no more than 1500 words.  250 words must be used for an Executive Summary. The purpose of this is to excite the judges and ensure that they go on and read your full report.

Please download and use the templates provided:

Entry Template - Community Manager of the Year
Entry Template - In House Client Team
Entry Template - Social Media Agency Team of the Year
Entry Template - Rising Star
Entry Template for All Other Categories

You must use this entry template for all categories except for the following categories which have specific templates.

  • Community Manager of the Year
  • In-House Client Team
  • Social Media Agency / Team of the Year
  • Rising Star

Your report must cover all the points below. If you exclude these points, you reduce your chance of being nominated.

Executive Summary: Summarise the key points of your report.
Background To Project/Campaign: Provide a brief description of project/campaign.
Budget: Provide details of the campaign/strategy’s budget.
Client Objectives: Include your brief and objectives, including any targets set (e.g. cost-saving, income generation, increasing brand awareness).
Your Strategy: Describe the strategy for achieving the above objectives (including details of marketing, PR etc).
Results: Provide quantitive results including evidence of effectiveness prior and post-campaign, increase in sales/revenue/ traffic/awareness etc. Please provide comparable before and after figures. Use exact figures rather than %.
Client Testimonials: Include client testimonials to back up your results. 

How Will My Entry Be Judged?

After the entry deadline, the judging panel will be given access to read your submission and view your images and links. The judging panel will be looking for evidence of:

• Evidence of clear strategic thinking

• Innovation

• Tangible results

• Proof of effectiveness

• Creativity

After the panel have carried out their pre-judging, they will meet in September to discuss the entries and decide on the finalists, commendations and award winners.

Entry tips

•  Give each entry a unique title to grab the judges' interest - try to avoid generic names.

• When writing your report, don’t assume the judges have seen the work or campaign. Give clear concise answers on the brief, the objectives and results, and figures should include the starting point and any increases.

• If not commercially necessary, please do not add additional password protection.

• Please include usernames and passwords, if required, for the judging; i.e. a private YouTube video.

How Much Does It Cost To Enter?

The cost to enter is:

£145 + vat per entry. 

You may enter as many categories as you like. However each entry must be treated as a separate entry and payment made for each

And, to encourage you to enter on time, any entries made after the deadline will be subject to a 10% late fee. Late entries cause us extra work when we’re trying to finalise everything for judging.

If you are a Drum Network member you will receive 10% off your entries.  Insert your code into the box provided on the payment page.

Awards Ceremony

Social Buzz Awards Ceremony


Join the elite of the UK's social media industry on Wednesday 28 November at the London Marriott Grosvenor Square to celebrate and reward your industry's success over the past year.


Event Details

Date:  Wednesday 28 November 2018

Venue: Marriott Grosvenor Square, London

Time: 18:45 for 19:15 - 01:00.

Dress code: Black tie



Limited space!


Table of 10: £3,350 + VAT

Table of 12: £3,950 + VAT



Table of 10: £2,500 + VAT

Table of 12: £2,970 + VAT



Single ticket: £275 + VAT